What Is Macular Degeneration?


Macular degeneration is an age-related disease. So, if you are still relatively young, not even close to middle age, you may have little to worry about at this stage. But you still need to have your eyes tested, at least once every two years they say. Taking good care of your eyes’ health, even if it means wearing a pair of prescription glasses, may well ward off this disease. But even that is not nearly enough.

Overall health and wellness is still very important. Perhaps the harsh reality for those that do acquire the disease is that it could be hereditary. Even when in the best health of your life. Nevertheless, as for those who do acquire the disease at some stage of their mature life, it is not the end of the world. All that is needed now is serious treatment over a period of time once the macular degeneration palm springs fl diagnosis has been confirmed.

According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation, macular degeneration, or AMD, affects a greater number of people than both cataracts and glaucoma (also age-related diseases) taken together. Another harsh reality about AMD is that there is no cure. But again, there is that silver lining in the sense that this disease can be treated and managed under qualified medical supervision.

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It is best left to the skillset of a board certified ophthalmologist (basically an eye doctor) to best treat those suffering from macular degeneration. AMD happens when arteries nourishing the eyes’ retina harden. This causes retinal tissues to become weak and ultimately die. Worst case scenario, if the disease is not accordingly treated, folks could go blind. But that’s not going to happen today. How so?

You’re going to check in for an eye exam is how.

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